When was the last time you heard some really incredible news that you couldn't wait to share? The Gospel of Mark is that kind of good news! It’s a life-changing announcement about who Jesus is, and what he’s done.

Best News Ever takes readers on a 100-day journey through Mark's fast-paced, action-packed story – helping them to understand the confusing bits, showing them how it connects with their life, and bringing them face to face with Jesus: the one who changes everything.

Each day's devotional includes:

A passage to read – work through the whole of Mark's Gospel in bite-sized chunks

A short explanation – guiding you through the confusing bits and showing what it means for you

A question to reflect on – so that you can slow down and think through what you've read

A prayer to pray – to help you respond to what God has said

Written in a pithy and engaging style, Best News Ever will help young people of all backgrounds to read the Bible for themselves, whether they know a little or a lot about Jesus already. It is also ideal to use as a family devotional.

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Chris Morphew moves through the life of Jesus with the creativity of a novelist, the clarity of an experienced teacher, and the passion of someone deeply devoted to Jesus Christ. By letting Mark’s Gospel tell the gospel, Best News Ever makes good on the promise of its title. I highly recommend it!
— Dr John Dickson, author, speaker, historian
Wow—if you’re looking for a fresh devotional on the Gospel of Mark which packages the best scholarship into 100 bite-sized portions that your pre-teens will love to read, then look no further. This is the best study of Mark for this age-group that I’ve ever seen.
— Champ Thornton, pastor, author, podcast host
Best News Ever walks us through Mark’s Gospel to see and learn and think through how the truth about Jesus might change our lives forever. It’s a great mix of detail, background and big picture, delivered in really manageable, day-by-day readings.
— Colin Buchanan, singer/songwriter
The only danger with Best News Ever is that you will want to read it all in one go, instead of pacing it out over 100 days!
— Claire Zorn, author of The Sky So Heavy, The Protected, and One Would Think The Deep
Best News Ever is a practical, accessible and
contemporary guide through the Gospel of Mark. It’s the perfect growth tool for middle graders considering Christ.
— Tim Harris, author of Mr Bambuckle's Remarkables, Exploding Endings, and Toffle Towers
Whether you’re a believer or curious about Jesus, this devotional book will help you develop a deeper understanding of him.
— Oliver Phommavanh, author of Thai-riffic!, Natural Born Loser, and Don't Follow Vee