Man in the Shadows cover

Man in the Shadows

The first two books in The Phoenix Files series come together in this dramatic start to the end of the world.

Blood in the Ashes cover

Blood in the Ashes

The third and fourth books in The Phoenix Files series come together in this compelling race to the end of the world.

Life in the Flames cover

Life in the Flames

The final two books in the Phoenix Files series come together in this exhilarating conclusion to the end of the world.


The Gateway #1: The Four-Fingered Man

When Amelia's parents decide to reopen the creepy old hotel at the edge of Forgotten Bay, she and her…


The Gateway #2: The Warriors of Brin-Hask

The Gateway Hotel is open for business, and Amelia and Charlie are awaiting their newest intergalactic…


The Gateway #3: The Midnight Mercenary

A ferocious storm has struck the Gateway Hotel - and so has...


The Gateway #4: The Ancient Starship

When an ancient starship is discovered in the deserts of Egypt, Amelia's dad is whisked away to help...


The Phoenix Files #1: Arrival

The clock is ticking. There are 100 days until the end of the world.


The Phoenix Files #2: Contact

For the first six months, Peter’s life in Phoenix was pretty normal. But that was before Tabitha...


The Phoenix Files #3: Mutation

Jordan’s world is falling apart. She’s a prisoner in her own skin, trapped by an enemy who can…


The Phoenix Files #4: Underground

The end is coming – and Luke is running out of hiding places...


The Phoenix Files #5: Fallout

With only weeks left until Tabitha is released, Phoenix’s biggest secrets are still yet to be revealed...


The Phoenix Files #6: Doomsday

The annihilation of the human race is scheduled for five o’clock this afternoon, and Luke and Jordan are running out of options...

102 Responses to “Books”

      • Chris Morphew

        Maybe a kids/youth worker at my church?

        On Mon, Aug 26, 2013 at 6:47 PM, Chris Morphew

    • greg

      doing an essay on this book could some one help me find that scene where peter finds all the graphic pictures in that picture frame of his? you know just tell me the page number thanks

      • Chris Morphew

        I hope that everything I write shows something of my faith. God isn’t mentioned by name in The Phoenix Files, but for me the central theme of that whole series is search for hope and meaning in a broken world – and I think I lay my cards on the table pretty clearly by the end of Doomsday about where I think that hope and meaning can be found.

        My new book has a couple of Christian characters in it, and will again deal with issues of faith in times of struggle and suffering – but I don’t think I’ll ever write a novel that’s just for Christians. I hope that my books will be accessible and enjoyable and worthwhile to anyone who wants to read them – and if something I write encourages people to investigate Jesus for themselves, then that’s fantastic! But I’ve seen too many “Christian” books that are just propaganda dressed up as storytelling to want to get caught up in that scene.

        On the other hand, I’ve got several ideas for non-fiction projects about the Christian faith. Hopefully some of those will see the light of day at some point!

    • Chris Morphew

      June 2013 in Australia/NZ, July 2013 in the US/UK. Should be available in all good bookstores – or else, I’m sure they’ll order it in if you ask.

      On Wed, Apr 3, 2013 at 8:31 AM, Chris Morphew

      • Sara Walsh

        My son loved the first book he read and it has been a real struggle to get him to read anything so I was really thrilled. We downloaded it from the library and I would love to buy the books as downloads. Do you sell them through anywhere, please?

      • Chris Morphew

        What kind of reader do you have? You should be able to download the books for iPad, Kindle, etc. from their stores.

      • Sara Walsh

        He will have an iPad on Tuesday but iTunes in the UK don’t seem to have heard of you, nor does Amazon, etc in the UK

      • Chris Morphew

        Hm… Not sure about the UK, sorry! The Scholastic website may have some more info for you.

      • NerdyMcraftGirl

        Awesome books the Phoenix files! When I started reading I just couldn’t stop! Please write more books like them

  1. Falafal

    You came to our school once it was absolutely awesome, oh and I sold your autograph Ahas lol. Anyways, your an inspiration and have mad me want to become an author

  2. Danny

    Will you make another series once pheonix files is finished? If yes what will it be called?

    • Chris Morphew

      I definitely plan to keep writing, but I’m not ready to give anything else away just yet…

      On Sat, May 4, 2013 at 9:08 PM, Chris Morphew

      • tpf_thg_hp_books

        OMG really? I’m so excited to see what will come! You’re awesome!

  3. joseph morris

    Hi Chris.
    I love the books. I am about halfway through underground. The series has inspired me to become an author myself! :)
    Can’t wait to read the 5th and 6th books.
    Keep writing Chris!!
    I am doing a project at school and I chose you as my hero to talk about!


  4. Imogen

    Hi Chris!!!
    I live in Geelong and really wanted to come to that presale in Sydney but couldn’t!!!

    On another note, I had to write a story in the form of Medieval times, and I was reading over my final draft and I thought to myself ‘This sort of sounds like how Chris Morphew writes!’ (Not medievally, but the way you put things into a situation, if that makes sense!)
    It was pretty awesome!!!

    Anyway, you’re an UH-MAZING author, keep up the good work!!

    From Imogen

    • Chris Morphew

      Hope you love it, Imogen!

      On Wed, May 29, 2013 at 3:54 PM, Chris Morphew

  5. Izzy

    OMG, Chris! I just got the book today-
    yes, it’s me.. the Izzy that was asking WHOLE ‘lotta questions.
    so, i read the end of chapter 8.. i see what you did there..
    you remember my ideas of Luke being able to go back, and meet Jordan, after he died?
    Well, i obviously had the right ideas…. or i put the ideas into your head..
    Thank you if you did listen to my idea, because now i’m super excited and extremely happy.
    if not, that’s totally fine! I love the story so far anyways! it is truly nail-biting!
    Thanks for creating Doomsday, and i hope to see more of your work!
    p.s. i can’t wait to read the rest of this *squee*

    • Chris Morphew

      Haha sorry Izzy, but I’m afraid you can’t take credit for any of the ideas I used in the last Phoenix Files book – all the major stuff was set up from the beginning, and I haven’t deviated much at all from my original notes from 2008. Hope you enjoy the rest of Doomsday, though!


      On Mon, Jun 3, 2013 at 9:43 PM, Chris Morphew

      • Izzy

        Oh, no, it’s totally fine.
        I had a nice try at guessing anyways.
        Oh well, that doesn’t matter now.
        So do you have another series planed out? Will it in any way be related to The Phoenix Files?
        p.s. Ok, so do you remember when i said i drew the group?
        yeah, i figured out how to get it up sucessfuly now.
        Yes, this is from 2012 when i couldn’t sraw oh-so well :)

        i hope that works.. i might make another version soon… idk.
        I hope you like it, because when i made it.. it took alot..
        thanks again!

      • Chris Morphew

        Hi Izzy,

        Great picture! Thanks for showing me.

        I’ve got a bunch of other story ideas in various stages of planning. I’ll let you guys know when I figure out what my actual next thing is going to be!

        On Tue, Jun 4, 2013 at 7:59 PM, Chris Morphew

  6. Danny!

    On an odinary friday night, just went to dymocks, strolling around…
    Right there! A shelf with about twenty or twenty five copies.
    Read about 50 pages in half an hour! (There’s probably many out there who can do much mowre pages over that time…)
    Saturday: at home, operation finish doomsday in action. 3-4ish hours. Halfway there!
    Haven’t finished it yet though…
    Epic book, Chris. You’re a genius. My theory about Luke hiding in the rubble for twenty years though…
    small spoiler:
    I was wrong…😥
    If my trick there worked, u should be able to highlite the gap to get the spoiler. If not, well, 😜😜😜
    Once again, the whole series, Chris (middle name) Morphew, you are by far my favourite author eva!

    • Bruce Calvin

      Mwah ha ha! When I catch them I will destroy Luke and Jordan once and for all!
      Then I’ll just have a coffee and watch the world population die.

  7. Danny!

    PS- Izzy, that’s a really good idea on the main trio. 😜

  8. tabatha

    read doomsday. and oh my. the wait was worth it :D so sad to leave all those characters now though, unless I reread it.. but thank you so much for allowing us this story :3 love love love

    • Chris Morphew

      No plans at this stage, but maybe sometime!

      On Mon, Jun 17, 2013 at 6:48 PM, Chris Morphew

  9. david

    Chris you should say something about your youtube channel because there are many fans who don’t know that you had one.

  10. Lucia Doyle

    Dear Chris,

    My name is Lucia and I am 8 years old. I have just discovered the Phoenix Files series and am loving them so far !! Please keep writing. By the way, my favourite character is Jordan.

    From Lucia.

  11. Matthew

    Hi, my name is Matthew, I am 9 yrs old. I love the Phoenix Files. Did you get the idea for Jordan’s visions from Gideon The Cutpurce?

  12. Ryan Mudford

    Hey Chris,
    I just got my hands on Doomsday and i cant put it down!!! You came to my school (Chairo Christian School) It was so exiting!!! You signed my copy of Mutation. You are such a role model for young readers and writers. Thanks again. P.S. Im really looking forward to see if a movie is made of your amazing Series!!!
    From Ryan. Year 7 (Now)

  13. Ryan

    Chris I’m from America an I can’t find the book doomsday where can I find it, is it out?

  14. Hattie

    Hey Chris,
    I’ve read Doomsday, like, 5 times already! After reading the last book, the first one made so much sense!
    I am also doing a book project on Contact :) I am really excited about it and I’ll tell you how it goes!

    A question: Have you got any plans about any other books? I would love to read it/them if you are!


    • Chris Morphew

      Hey Hattie,

      Yes, definitely more books on the way – I’ll keep you guys posted!


      On Wed, Jul 31, 2013 at 5:55 PM, Chris Morphew

  15. Nick

    hey chris ever wondered what you would of done if you didn’t become a writer?

    • Chris Morphew

      Well, I still teach part time, which I love, so I’d probably just go back to doing that full-time, I guess…

  16. zaz

    my favorite book series ever. i hope you write more. hopefully the same genre as this. thank you for writing such a wonderful series!!!!!!!

    • Chris Morphew

      Thanks Zaz – I’ll keep writing if you guys keep reading!

      On Sun, Oct 6, 2013 at 6:07 AM, Chris Morphew

  17. a young writer

    Did you ever have problems with choosing names? I’m writing a short storey and I cant think of any. if you met and beat this hurdle can you please help me?
    thanks for hours of entertainment
    a young writer

  18. J.D.Morris

    Hi Chris-
    Sos it’s been so long; but I finished doomsday finally!! =)
    It was the best in the series so far. I wrote a review for it that I thought you’d like to see:
    I think this is probably the best book I have ever read. These are a few things that really stood out to me:
    1) the suspense of the book keeps you hooked from start to finish.
    2)the descriptions are brilliant, especially as it is written in 1st person!
    The whole plot is great with lots of action spaced out to fill chapters and chapters. But the good thing is reading the gaps in between is never boring!
    5 star book, 1st class!


    • Chris Morphew

      Thanks so much, J.D! Fantastic to hear that you enjoyed Doomsday so much!

      On Tue, Oct 22, 2013 at 9:51 PM, Chris Morphew

  19. J.D.Morris

    I don’t think I mentioned that I read doomsday in about two-three hours!

    Can you give me any info on your next series(maybe just what you plan it to be called)

    J.D.MORRIS/your number one fan!!!!!

    P.S.- I personally think you should make a fan club on the website.

  20. annonymous

    hi :)

    I’m doing a project on doomsday for school – we have to argue why it should be on the english curriculum. i was thinking about talking about social justice and the nature of power. What do you think?

    Ps the phoenix files are AMAZING

    • Chris Morphew

      Sounds good! One of the other things you could potentially talk about is morality and where it comes from – or in other words, “How do we decide what’s right and wrong?” I think Shackleton and particularly Jordan have very different ideas about this, and it motivates their characters in very different directions.

      Anyway, very cool that you’ve chosen Doomsday for your project! All the best with it!

      On Sat, Nov 2, 2013 at 11:27 AM, Chris Morphew

  21. Paul

    Hello, I am from germany and have to do a short presentation about the phoenix files.
    so i would like to know, what influenced you to write these books?
    thanks :)

    p.s. : the books are great ;)


    • Chris Morphew

      Hi Paul,

      Partly, I just wanted to write the kind of story that I love to read: a series with lots of action and mystery and characters that people could care about – and on that level, there were lots of books/movies/TV shows that influenced me: Harry Potter, The Chronicles of Narnia, the original Star Wars trilogy, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Lost, and so on.

      But on a deeper level, I was really interested in exploring a few big ideas across the series – ideas like “Who decides what’s right and wrong?” and “Is there a greater purpose to life or is it all just random?”


      On Tue, Nov 5, 2013 at 3:47 AM, Chris Morphew

  22. Emily Hilfers

    OMG! I was recommended Arrival by my librarian late this summer, and I am now on Fallout. I’m trying to make it last as long as possible until I can get Doomsday. I am addicted. You are honestly my new favorite authors. I can’t wait to read more of your books. Whenever someone asks for a book to read I recommend this series. I love the way these books are written. I also love how each book is a different character’s point of view. Thank you so much for sharing your amazing writing skills with the world.

  23. Kevin Ding

    Hi Chris,

    You are an amazing author. I heard about The Phoenix Files in 2008 but didn’t read them. BUT, when I saw Arrival in stores last year I thought I’d give it a go… finished the whole series a few months ago. Now, I’ve recommended the book series to the school librarian and she got everybody to read it. All the students love it. Our school had to order 5 copies of the whole series!!! I just wanted to congratulate you for the success of your books aroung the world. Also, could you please, please, please tell us about your next project? I’m sure all your fans want to know!


    • Chris Morphew

      Thanks so much, Kevin! I’m thinking of making a video about my next couple of projects, so hopefully that will be up soon!

  24. Luke McKee

    I’m in high school, my name is Luke, and my language arts teacher is Mr. Larson. I these books might be real.

  25. Mine

    My son loves this book series. He’s super excited to meet you tomorrow at his school & to get an autographed book :)
    Thank you for making a Good book, not only in read but in morals.

  26. Elizabeth

    Cannot wait to get Doomsday in the mail. I have read the other 5 books in 4 days. I normally read christian romance books but I love the twists and turns that this series has.

  27. J.D.Morris

    Hi Chris
    I just wanted to let you know I finished clash of the tribes!=) it took 363 days but it was definitely worth it.
    Soon it’ll be in Featherstone (hopefully!!!! And doubtfully=(!!)


  28. Jean

    Hi Chris,
    I am a teacher like yourself and am trying to find a novel which would encourage primary 5 (age 9) boys to read more. I have read your first 5 books and really enjoyed them and introduced them to my primary 7 ( age 11 – 12) children ( a year ago), which they all loved. What in your view are appropriate age bands for your books? Also, have you got any other ideas to interest my target age group 9?


  29. J.D.Morris

    Have started a new series (orientation) because I have given up on clash of the tribes :(
    Hopefully people who liked the Phoenix Files will like orientation and the others in the series as they are the same theme/genre as The Phoenix Files- But don’t worry; I haven’t copied you!!
    I’d love you to read it because I admire you- without The Phoenix Files I would never have started writing- and you are a great inspiration!!!!


  30. Keion

    Im doing a book report on The Arrival; what caused you to write it?

  31. amanda

    My son absolutely LOVES your Phoenix Files series! He has read arrival and contact in school this past school year but we can’t find the whole series in any of our book stores here:( He loves to read but wants your books! I can’t even find the ebooks for his nook online. Can you help us please? Thank you sooooo much.

  32. Samantha

    I can’t find Underground anywhere, I need it. NEED IT. Any ideas? (I live in the US)

  33. Lachlan

    I used to hate books but then I read the Phoenix files and couldn’t stop im getting the 4,5,6th book but so far so good keep up the great books! 😜

    • Chris Morphew

      Hey Christine – there are some interesting plans along these lines in the works for next year. More info soon!

  34. Reese

    I love The Phoenix Files! Chris Morphew is awesome! I love the way it draws you into the story and you feel like you’re really there, witnessing all the events!

  35. Mrs Shepherd

    Hi Chris,
    Still struggling to get hold of Fallout in the UK. I have been in touch with Scholastic, and they advise that it is out of print and there are no plans to reprint it !! However, all the bookstores over here are still selling the other 5 books which all advertise Fallout ~ what’s happening ?? I have a very disappointed son who now wants to spend all his savings on a second hand copy of Fallout selling for £22 on Ebay. Do you know any more about all this ?

    • Chris Morphew

      Unfortunately, you know as much as I do! My only other suggestion would be to check the Australian/US sellers linked on my Books page and see if they can do you a better deal!

  36. Mrs Moes & Mrs Wright & year 5 SSCS

    One of the Year 5 Literacy Groups at Sutherland Shire Christian School have just started readying the Phoenix Files series. The students are very excited! They look great!

  37. J.D.Morris

    Hi Chris-
    I watched your writing week video the other day… it gave me an idea and I kind of did that but from Friday to today (Sunday). I started at 8,835 words
    and aimed to be at 10,000 by today. And guess what? I actually did it! Seeing as it’d normally take a week or 2 to do that many I’m pretty happy with
    that! So you making a video about it was a success! Thanks for the idea and for being so inspirational,


  38. james

    when is the movie coming out and are you going to write a new series
    and the phoenix files i have read them all and my dad is reading them as well

    • Chris Morphew

      Not sure about a movie – I’ll let you know if I hear anything! I’ve got a new series coming out in April called “The Gateway” which I’m writing with Rowan McAuley and David Harding under the name Cerberus Jones. I’ve also got a new YA novel that I’m about three-quarters through writing!


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