…is kind of like solving a jigsaw puzzle.

I’ve got all the bits, and I know what the picture is meant to look like when it’s finished, but right now I’m just sitting at my desk with a thousand tiny pieces spread out in front of me and it’s going to take me a while to figure out where they all go.

So far so good, though. I’m about a third of the way done, and I’m pretty excited about the way things are shaping up.

13 Responses to “Plotting out the last Phoenix Files book…”

  1. Marie Saligari

    OH please do finish that jigsaw puzzle – I have two very excited boys who are just hanging out to see what happens next (not to mention me).

    The Phoenix Files finally showed them that you can read for pleasure not just because you have to – it has opened up a whole new avenue for me to help them explore the written word in all its wonderful genres.

    Gods blessings and happy writing


    • Chris Morphew

      Hey Marie,

      Glad to hear you and your boys are enjoying the books!


  2. Caitie

    I have read nearly all of the Pheonix Files (except for the last one) and am so excited that there is going to be a new one! I hope you are able to write an awesome book.

    Hope you continue to write great books,


    • Chris Morphew

      Thanks Caitie! There are actually two more Phoenix Files books still to come: Fallout (which I’ve just finished and is due out in May) and Doomsday (which I’ve just started and is due out sometime in 2013). Hope you enjoy them when they finally get to you!

  3. Russell John

    do you know what day doomsady is realesed because thats the month of my birthday and i cant WAIT! but firstly i need to read mutation underground then i can read fallout

    • Chris Morphew

      We haven’t locked in an exact release date for Doomsday (the one in the back of some copies of Underground is incorrect), but we’re looking at sometime in early 2013.

  4. ismail tayib

    im a huge fan of your books chris i read every single book of yours and cant wait for fallout and doomsday this is one of the best series ive read keep up the good work

  5. Tiffany :3

    Hi Chris ! I love your books ive read every single book of the phoenix files twice. I am dying to know what happens next to luke ! May i ask when book 5 / fallout is coming out ? thanks and keep up the good story writing !

  6. MH Wright

    My 12 year old son read your first book in the last weeks of school last year, ‘borrowing’ it off the desk of a friend each day until he’d completed it. He doesn’t usually read for pleasure so when he told me about it and the other three in the series, I arranged for him to receive them for Christmas 2011. He hasn’t started the second one yet, but said I’d enjoy reading the first book which I started two days ago, and I have now just finished Underground! What can I say? I’ve never read any books as quickly as this series, getting through a book in two hours is out the question usually for me, but man, you know how to write. And I can’t wait until Fallout is released. And I’m 50 years old! Well done, Chris…..keep up the good work.

  7. pete

    are you planning on writing any more series after the phoenix files because i love your books!

    • Chris Morphew

      Hey Pete,

      Yes, I’ve got a few plans in the works – nothing I can share yet, though!



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