Interesting day today! One of those days that feels like a pretty accurate microcosm of the rest of my life (i.e., church stuff + book stuff + teacher stuff + fun opportunities that seem to materialise out of nowhere).

This morning, I had the chance to chat on Skype with Don Miller, who is the author of Blue Like Jazz (one of my favourite books of all time) and a literary hero of mine. He is a really great/normal guy, lending further credence to my theory that “famous people” are actually just normal humans. I was also reminded again of how great Skype is. Every time I use video chat, I feel like I am in the future.

I spent the next chunk of my day planning lessons for my new teaching job next year. (PS – I am starting a new teaching job next year. DO NOT PANIC: The job is only part-time and, yes, I will still be writing and, no, this won’t mean you have to wait any longer for the last two Phoenix Files books.)

Then my editor called to talk through the structural edit of The Phoenix Files: Fallout. She is pretty great. Still some edits left to do, but for the first time I feel like we are really starting to get close to a finished novel.

I should probably be working on those edits right now, but it occurred to me that I have been pretty lame lately at keeping my website updated, so I thought I’d take a few minutes to let you guys know what I was up to. (Also, it turns out your web traffic jumps up when Don Miller tweets about you, so I figured it wouldn’t hurt to bump the photo of me awkwardly hugging an alpaca down the page a bit. First impressions and all that.)

Okay, back to work now. Friends from church coming around for dinner tonight, and I really should get some editing done before then. So excited for you guys to read this next book!